Hi, my name is Susan and I have been creating yummy designs for over 25 years.

Please join me in exploring the visually amazing and fantastically tasty word of Food Crafting. If you are interested in taking a cake decorating class, just check out the classes tab for what’s coming up or if you need a BIG cake I can customize the perfect cake for your special day.

Cake Decorating classes are filling all over the country thanks to the popular Cake TV Shows. If you are interested in learning how to do this for fun or to save a little money on kid's bithday cakes, join me at Jo-Ann's.

How To Color Your Icing

In the center are the primary colors Red, Yellow, and Blue. From these, all others are made.

In the inner ring are secondary colors orange, green, violet, made by mixing equal amounts of primary colors. Mix red and yellow for orange, mix red and blue for violet, and mix blue and yellow for green.

In the outer ring are the tertiary colors achieved by mixing varying amounts of one primary color with the adjacent primary. Mix a large amount of red with a small amount of blue and you will get a red-violet color. Do the opposite for blue-violet. Increase or decrease amounts form many hues in between.

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You don’t have to be a chef or even experienced in the kitchen to decorate a cake, cookie, cupcake or brownie. As a trained Wilton Method Instructor, join me in experiencing the thrill of creating cakes and goodies using the world’s most popular cake decorating courses.

The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating will teach you all of the techniques to make treats that will amaze your friends and family —even if you’ve never decorated before!

The Wilton method courses feature:

  • A fun, friendly, experience! - Anyone can do it!
  • Streamlined curriculum
  • More practice time
  • Exciting new techniques
  • More hands-on activity

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